SAFEHIP® AirX™ is the latest innovation in hip protection for those that are at risk of fracturing their hip. SAFEHIP® AirX™ has been developed with leading doctors and university professors in order to provide unique, high quality, comfortable, safe and effective protection. Ongoing research and development continues to underline the position of SAFEHIP® as the worldwide leader in hip protectors.

Every year around the world almost 2 million people suffer a hip fracture - a figure which is increasing every year with the growing elderly population. What starts out as an innocent fall may lead to an operation, a long stay in hospital and an increased need for professional care.

The frail elderly and those with dementia are at a high risk of falling and suffering from a hip fracture. Statistics show that 3 out of 10 people over the age of 70 will fall once a year and the risk of suffering some form of fracture is great. Half of these fractures will be serious.1

The impact of a hip fracture on elderly patients can be devastating. Many patients will experience permanent injury, loss of mobility, and see their independent, active life come to an end.

     - SAFEHIP® is the most thoroughly tested hip protector in the world. Clinical trials on SAFEHIP® have been conducted with over 6,000 patients.

     - SAFEHIP® is proven in clinical trials to reduce in hip fractures from falls by 64%.2




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